Tuesday, November 25, 2008


i'm a little early on this one, but here's a list!

i, claire, am oh so happy and thankful for ...


my special guy

"me time" (see my other blog to catch my drift on this one)

moving in with my special guy in the near future


our kick-ass president-elect (sorry to swear, but it's about time an election came out the right way)



a certain very understanding person whom i will not describe in any other way at the moment.

i'm sure i've left something super-duper important and thanksworthy off the list, but i think those are good enough for now.

(i like that word thanksworthy by the way. its like it's talking to me: "thanks, worthy!")

so there it is.


Sunday, November 23, 2008

what's the sound of one foot tapping?

yeah, okay. not exactly the world's hardest riddle. the answer is just "a tapping foot."

of course.

so why is the foot tapping?


(yeah, okay, a foot can't be out of its mind since it hasn't got a mind. but its owner can sure be out of her mind impatient. so there.)

have you ever known about something big you knew you could do and make a difference for somebody? only you couldn't do it right away? something had you stuck and there was just no getting around it, so you had to wait?

and wait?

and wait?

that's me right now.


i'm all ready to make with the fun and the smiles, only there's nobody to smile at or have fun with until after my move. and that's frustrating.


oh well. i guess there's just no choice but to go and gorge myself on some chocolate.

later, tater!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty

i want to get an orange cat and name it 'Papaya.'

on account of i think that's an excellent cat name.

only most orange cats are more mango-colored than papaya-colored. but 'Mango' just does not float my cat-naming boat like 'Papaya.'

mmm, Papaya.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy Busy

i'm getting ready to move soon...way too much to do to also start a blog, especially one with pics and neat stuff like i want but i also hate putting things off, soooo...here's a first post!

i don't even know what this blog will be about, only that i'm hoping to have lots of fun doing it.

like everything else i do!

fun is my fave.

so be patient with me and sooner or later maybe some fun stuff will pop up here.

i love when fun stuff pops up.