Thursday, August 18, 2016

another poem from my sweetie!

There is a place both real
And scarce to be believed
A place sublimely gilt with leaf of soft fulfillment
And in this place I find myself
Whenever your voice sounds

In this place I find myself at passion's touch
And glory's kiss

In this place I find myself when breath comingles,
Turns breathless

In this place I find myself, shown what truths your eyes possess

This place of hearts
This place of gifts
Where beauty lifts
And love abounds

In this place I find myself
Because you speak to who I am.

By grace of gracious, perfect you
In this place life seems as new.

Monday, June 13, 2016

yep, i'm still here!

i got a poem in my email today! from him, of course. what a sweetie!

a kiss, a hug, a look, a touch

and all the world can have its wrongs.
too much becomes just nothing much
amidst your grace and smiles and songs.