Saturday, January 31, 2009

home! bliss! horror! bliss!

tra-lalalala, tra-la! i am home!

i'm here, i'm getting my stuff in order, msg is covering me in wonderful gooey affection of all kinds and i could not be happier in my wildest dreams!!!

oh. okay, i guess i would be slightly happier if we had not almost killed one of the cats with a heavy box while getting me moved in, but he's back from the vet and his leg should be fine in a few weeks and the trauma of the moment did at least let me see msg spring into action to rush the poor guy to the vet. it was kind of awful and it terrified both of us (well all three of us if you include the cat) and then i had to wait at home all alone on my move-in day - but it was also sweet to see how much he cares and what a big heart he has, and i know there's a giant place in that heart for me. plus, the cat's going to be fine, so it's all good.

when he got home and told me how much the vet stuff was going to cost, i could see the relief in his eyes even though it was a lot of money, so i poked him and said, "you better get used to shelling out, buddy, cuz i'm an expensive girl to have around!"

anyway, i'll also say that after that bit of a bad beginning, things have quickly gotten much, much better.



Monday, January 12, 2009

don't let it get you down

hey you out there, if anybody's reading this - listen: whatever you've got bugging you? just tell it 'hey, too bad, i'm not letting you drag on me.'

i'm not saying your problems aren't problems, only that you're bigger than they are if you want to be.

you'll figure it out.

hang in there.

tough it out.

sooner or later, 'it' will realize you're not giving up.

then everything will be peachy.

trust me!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

oh cruel misfortune

claire is
going to blow!

you know, i expected to do some blowing in january, only i expected it to be the good kind of blowing (if you'll pardon my lewdness please)

except that now it looks like i'm not getting my move on until more like the 20th, as opposed to this week.

so it looks like you can probably just call me miss pouty-pants for the next couple of weeks, since i'm going to be doing a lot of garumphing over the situation.

not that it does me any good, since i'm not garumphing at anybody and even if i was there's not anything they could do about it.

the winds of fate have just conspired against me, that's all.

and i can't even garumph at the winds of fate, since they're, like, winds and all. and metaphoric winds besides. and also they're responsible for the whole fact that i'm getting to move in the first place which would make it pretty ungrateful of me to pout at them.