Sunday, February 28, 2010

poetry time!

my love is all that i can see
each face the crowd presents to me
is his
each painting that i spy
becomes his portrait
in my eye

my love is all that i can hear
each melody to grace my ear
with lyrical delight
as if sung
by my shining knight

my love is all that i can taste
each sip of tea and each fine feast
until i only savor
that astounding

my love is all that i can scent
each waft of perfume or ferment
inside this head to swell
my panting brain with
just his smell

my love is all that i can feel
each soft sensation dreamed or real
is he
is he
is he

is he

my love is all that i can be

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

boldly going!

okay, so here are some more of the star trek pics msg and i did a while back.

don't get too involved in the storyline ... it kinda ends on a cliffhanger.

hmm. do i hear something?

seems to be coming from over here ...

getting closer ...

whoa! what is that???

it's some kind of alien life form! i wonder if it's friendly?

(i know, i know, i'm wearing a red shirt and i'm about to reach down and pick up an alien life form. how smart can that be?)

well, there are some more pics, but the alien life form turns out to be a little naughty, so if msg ever finishes photoshopping them and i post them, they'll go up on the naughty blog. if you don't want to go to the naughty blog, or if we don't get around to posting them, just imagine that i met a suitably red-shirted end after the last pic above!