Tuesday, April 20, 2010

lucky, lucky me!

i am a happy person.

it's my best and most treasured characteristic, and i am constantly in awe that i have been blessed with it.

i'm also lucky that i'm a person with very few worries, on account of msg takes care of pretty much all the financial stuff and i don't have to work and i don't know anybody that i don't really, really like.

the only reasons i ever have for being unhappy are when i make the mistake of watching the news and see all the frustrating crap in the world, which even then i don't let bother me too much, or when msg is unhappy and there's nothing i can do about it.

he and i have both those things in common, only he makes the mistake of watching the news more often, and he has a lot more people he wishes he could make happy only he can't. so he gets down a lot more often than i do, and sometimes i can perk him back up and sometimes i can't.

but i try, and he appreciates me for it, oodles and gobs, i know.

so what is my secret for being happy?

i make the world around me with my mind.

now, don't freak out and think, whoa, this chick is crazy. i don't mean i really make the world around me with my mind. i mean i take all the good stuff from all the books i read, and all the tv shows i watch, and all the movies and music and so forth, and when i look at the real world, the actual world, i just look for the bits that i recognize from the imaginary world.

i know there's ugliness out there and we all have to work and fight against it. but i don't look for it.

i look for the pretty stuff. the good stuff. and i try to encourage people to dig on that stuff.

the ugly stuff won't disappear just because we ignore it. but some of it will disappear if we stop actively looking for it. because when we look for ugly stuff we'll always find it. and when we find it, it takes away some of our energy for finding - and creating - the good stuff.

and there's good stuff everywhere, trust me.

it's like, piled up in heaps all around me.

and probably around you too, if you just look.