Saturday, May 16, 2009

i got out my calculator

i got out my calculator today, 
do you know what it told me?

it said we get over half a million hours in this life ...

even if we don't quite hit the average.

half a million hours.

and do you know what's so amazing about that?

the fact that 
just one of those hours
can be

so rare

so precious

so perfect

if it is spent with you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

star trek!!!

so we went to see star trek on thursday, the very first showing. as i think i've implied, i'm a giganto star trek freak, so i was so excited i took along an extra pair of panties in my purse.

there was a crazy line inside the theater when we got there (an hour and a half ahead of showtime). but we were seeing it at the imax, and as long as you get there before the top section fills up, you're guaranteed to have a decent view of the screen. (that bottom section is for folks who want a neck-sprain and sensory overload, as near as i can tell.) the line had sprinklings of trekkies in full costume making me envious that i still don't have a red '60s miniskirt uniform to wear on important occasions like this. i need to make that uniform a life priority before the next movie comes out.

so how was the movie?


that's right, it was totally shift-keyworthy. and i swear and promise that i actually held the shift key down for that whole word, i didn't cheat and use the caps lock or anything.

first off, of course, is the fact that i was not even born the last time star trek looked like star trek. don't get me wrong, i like some of the next generation and deep space nine stuff, and the wrath of khan is one of the best movies ever. but star trek will always be gold and blue and red uniforms to me, with miniskirt versions for the girls.

watching this movie and listening to it too, i really felt like i was in the star trek universe again. the sets and the sound effects and the music and the ships and everything just really, really works. (well, okay, i thought the engineering section in the ship was weird. but everything else -- spot on!)

the cast is excellento as well. kirk and spock are both deeelish, as is zoe saldana as uhura. but the best performance in my book was the guy from "Lord of the Rings" that they got to play Dr. McCoy. holy moley, if i was on the enterprise, i'd be faking the space flu several times a week just to go to sick bay and hear him talk!

i can't wait to go see it again, and i can't wait for the next one.

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