Thursday, October 8, 2009

so let me tell you a story ...

there was this boy with a camera, taking pictures of me. he was very into it, and very into me, and i have to admit i was pretty darn into him, and yeah i'm vain enough to get kind of a kick out of having my picture taken.

i recommend this activity.

it makes you feel appreciated, which is a really good way to feel.

we took a lot of pictures, and some of them were better than others, and this one was one of my favorites. so i was pretty happy when msg finally got it tweaked around in photoshop the way he wanted it and said i should go ahead and post it.

(confession time: for those who might have gotten the impression i'm 100 percent sweetness and light, i did kinda give msg a lot of grief about how long he was taking. i was, like, "if it's really such a good picture and you really think i look so beautiful, why do you have to monkey with it so much?" and he was like, "just wait, just wait," and i was like [frowny, pouty face], and he was like "you're cute when you're mad," and i was like, "am i cute when i throw things?" and he was like, "i don't know, are you thinking of something soft like a pillow, or are you thinking of something hard?" and i was like, "now i'm thinking of something hard, but not to throw. are you sure you don't want to hurry up and finish that?" and he was like, "well, okay!")

so anyway, here it is, and i have to admit, i guess i'm glad he took the time to get rid of some of the flash shadows and forehead glare and stuff. when i compared it to the original, i was like, "damn, girl, that's some f***ed-up shiny forehead you've got on you."

so it's all better now, and everybody lived happily ever after. the end!


Anonymous said...

Hi Claire!!

Great picture!! Worth the wait! We have shiny forehead problems in our house


Claire said...

it's a curse, but i guess there are worse things to have to deal with!