Sunday, October 3, 2010

indulge me

y'know, there's a quality that's such a super-big help in relationships, i don't know why they don't have a class for it in school. yeah, i know, school isn't really about helping you have relationships, but considering how much importance our society puts on them, you'd think it would be.

anyway, before i get too far off on talking about school ...

the quality is what i would call "patience plus." it's finding a way to take pleasure in what the other person is saying or doing even if it's not your most favoritest thing. it's encouraging them instead of just tolerating them when they start to go down a road you're maybe not so keen on. because whatever it is they're excited about, it's part of them, and if you love them, you need to find a way to love it.

it guess the proper word for that is "indulgence." although indulgence is something we usually associate with selfishness -- it's a lot more regular to think about indulging in something, instead of indulging someone.

but you can do both, and you ought to!

(and they ought to turn around and indulge you, too.)

so that's the lesson for today at claire's school for relationships.

your homework is: indulge!

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