Tuesday, January 3, 2017

i am such a faily mcfailington failure at this writing thing!

yeepers, two years between chapters???

obviously, i have been big-time slacking.

plus, on top of that, i read back over everything so far, and there is noooooo sign of the sizzle-y sexiness i promised would be in this book!

i am letting you all down, i can tell.

but ...

that's pretty okay!

because i've still got my day job, which is also my night job, which is pretty much the bestest most non-jobby job in the world.

since it's a new year, though, i'm going to be all resolutionary and promise myself i'll be better about novel blogging. i got too hung up in finishing real chapters, i think. making sure they had a real beginning and middle and end.

too much pressure!

so i'm going back to my "just write however much you feel like and call it a chapter and be done with it" approach, which i think worked peachy as a peach pie with extra-peachy peach ice cream on top.

it's going to be a total success, i can tell!

happy new year, everybody!


Sidore-chan said...

Little Claire! :-)

Oh, don't be so down on yourself for not writing to capacity, petal! Remember: quality, not quantity. Davecat uses that excuse, so you're in good company ;-)

Really, the important thing is writing as you like... you can't force it, otherwise it won't be up to your standards. Plus, having a job tends to cut into one's time, no matter if it's a good one or a bad one.

My lad and I check your sites once a week, so you have at least two dedicated readers! We look forward to the next segment!

Happy new year, pet! Now if I could just persuade you to return to Twitter... ;-)

ta ra!
Sidore-chan x

Claire said...

wait ... i'm supposed to have standards that my writing needs to be up to? oh no! so much more pressure!

: )

thanks for keeping an eye on my blog, tho. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to know people care!

i hope all's well in y'all's-ville. we are deep in one of mister dayjob's most overworkednesses ever.

love and hugs and more hugs,