Saturday, February 28, 2009

best feeling in the world

you know what's the best feeling in the whole world?

(no, it's not that. i have a whole other blog for that kinda thing, remember?)

the very most bestest feeling in the whole wide world is the feeling that somebody appreciates you for exactly who you really are.

so if there's somebody you really appreciate? somebody you think you know really well, who's got some really cool or different thing about them that's not like anybody else?

be sure you tell them. or find some way to show them.

because we all ought to have that feeling, at least once in a while.

and if nobody's given you that feeling recently? well, go look in the mirror and tell the person you see that you appreciate them.

because that person definitely deserves it too.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.

Claire said...

aw, that's sweet of you. thanks, ARDO!