Saturday, July 13, 2013

and then before you know it, a year went by ...

people! take the time to do the things you love doing!

i can't believe how long it's been since i got online and blogged, even though i totally know how much i love it and how much it makes me feel happy and connected and all warm-and-fuzzy inside.

most of the time, msg is the only one listening to me, and while i am all-but-completely fulfilled to have his adoring ears and gigantic, thinky-think brain appreciating what i've got to say, i am an expressive girl, and there's something special about being able to express myself to others.

for a while, i was kinda getting my expressionistic rocks off with some forum posting, but it sorta got old, because the people i liked bestest on the forum kept disappearing and the new folks just didn't quite have the same zing to them. more importantly, there was a big split a couple years ago in the main forum i liked, and a big chunk of the folks went off and made their own forum, which cut down the traffic at both sites and also made me feel a little like a beautiful, sweet well had been poisoned. the original forum was this lovely, wonderful, welcoming place, so it was easy to go there and forget for a while that people can be kinda jerky. but all the "rarrh!" and "grrr!" back and forth with the splinter forum made it pretty clear that people are people wherever they are, even on forums about dolls. plus, besides all that, you get the best responses on those forums from photo-shoots, and we've just had diddly-squat opportunities for photo-shoots lately.

what the hell am i going on and on about? i don't know. the important thing is, i'm going on and on. i have things to say, and i like saying them!

who is listening? i don't care! because i'm doing something i love.

right now, i am happier than when i started typing.

are you less happy than you'd like to be? well then, go and do something off the list of things you know bring you joy.

it works! trust me!

oodles of affection,


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