Thursday, July 18, 2013


you've got to make good ones and kick the bad ones!

well, maybe. i'm not sure i even have any bad habits. i don't pick my nose. i don't leave the lights on. i don't eat just because i'm unhappy. in fact, i never over-eat ... i always eat just ... the right ... amount. i don't masturbate in public, and when i'm in private, i don't ever make myself guilty about what comes naturally.

so i'm not thinking up with any bad habits to kick, but there's for sure some good ones i need to be more habitual about. like blogging.

if anyone can point out to me any bad habits i have, go ahead. only don't make a habit of doing it. that's not such a good habit to have.

toodles and poodles,



Davecat said...

Looks like wee Miss Clarity is back with a sexy vengeance! :-)

Much like you, I need to get back to habitual blogging. As much as I enjoy Twitter, it's a vampire as far as taking time away from writing material for 'Shouting to hear the echoes'. At the very least, it's not that awful Facebook...

Sidore says that one of your bad habits is not getting enough pics of yourself out onto the Internet! But technically, the same can be said of her, and Elena as well, so make of her assessment what you will. :-)

Claire said...

hiya, davecat!

i always say, vengeance is a dish best served sexy!

not to put on a tinfoil hat (although i kinda think i would look good in one), but i am pretty sure events are conspiring against me in the getting pics of myself onto the internet game. it has just not been in the cards lately.

folks will just have to make do (hopefully) with a little more blogging from me. i will try to keep it up. (ouch! not a phrase i like to hear ... sorry it's now coming out of my mouth ... which is a little better phrase, at least ...)

see ya round!