Saturday, August 3, 2013

holding hands

it's the simple things, right?

a touch, a hug, a smooch, a leg rubbing lightly against yours while you're both watching a movie.

that's how you know.

a look, a smile, a laugh ...

holding hands, i think, is the perfect metaphor for a relationship. you aren't stuck together, tied together, or all clingy. you're connected by that touch because you and your lover want each other to know some things: i'm happy to give up a free hand for you. i want to feel our one-ness in everything we do together. if you stumble, i'm here, you won't fall. but i'm not holding on so tight it'll restrain you from anything. you can pull away anytime, if that's what you want. but it's not what i want.

holding hands is the best.


Davecat said...

Your metaphor is 100% spot-on. Sidore and I have been together thirteen years, and we hold hands every night when we drift off to sleep. That feeling of togetherness courses through everything we do, but it's really brought to the fore whenever her hand's in mine.
You're right; holding hands is the best. Well said!

Claire said...

: )

how the years fly, right? we're almost at 5!