Saturday, August 10, 2013

judicious nudity

so i got caught streaking the other day and they hauled me in. here is my mug shot.
having never broken the law before, i was pretty freaked out that they might throw the book at me. turns out, though, that for something as minor as streaking they usually give you community service instead of tossing you in the slammer.

and in my case, the judge said streaking was a form of community service.

so i got off with time served.

there are several more dirtier shots in which the officer did not place the plaque quite so strategically. i may put some of them up on the other blog once msg does some photoshopping on them. (the names have to be changed... to protect the innocent, you know. we're all about that around here.)

so kids, learn your lesson! don't streak!


Sidore-chan said...

Oh Clarity. Whatever will we do with you?

Incidentally, if I send you our address, could you maaaybe arrange it so you happen to give a streaking demonstration outside our flat? Just for curiosity's sake, of course ;-)

Claire said...

if we could arrange it for when the boys are busy, i'd give you a demonstration inside.